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'you can love someone but hate the things they do'

I guess I should do an update, I haven't done one for a while...

I had a really great birthday. I went to the city to spend three days with my best friend and we had a great time together, I just love getting to escape my boring little life and going to exciting Sydney for a while, it's awesome. The night of my birthday was a Wednesday and there's really nothing to do on a Wednesday night, but we went out anyway. We went to the gay bar where my bestie and her roommate work and we were two of the ten people there. It ended up being amazing because the manager played about EIGHT LADY GAGA SONGS for us and we had the whole dance floor to go crazy on. It was just nice and chilled. She made me an amazing cake that had a ridiculous amount of chocolate, it was near impossible to get through a whole slice because it was just SO chocolately, amazing.

University is going so, so, so well. For my first marks for my written assessments I got AMAZING marks. In Film, Media and Culture Studies I got a high distinction, I was one mark off a perfect score. For Introduction to Literary Studies I got a distinction, which I was very happy with because my teacher grades really harshly and I wasn't expecting him to like the concept of my essay at all, but amazingly, he did. I'm really proud of myself and it's great to have confirmation that there's something special about me. In my feedback both of my teachers said that I had 'original ideas', which is a gigantic relief, because all I've ever wanted to be is original.

Johnny Depp's new movie was a crock of shit, Transcendence. I waited with baited breath for this movie, as I do with all of Johnny's new releases and it just let me down so epically. The acting was over-wrought and the director shouldn't give up his day job. It was such an amazing concept and it was just murdered. I can't remember the last time I ever fidgeted so much in my seat during a movie, I got sooooo bored, I just wanted to start yelling "GET ON WITH IT" at the screen. Such a bummer. I'd give it maybe a 3 out of 10 and I feel like that's overly generous.

After Transcendence I had a job interview. It's my first job interview since starting at Masters and I was so nervous. I just got the call that I didn't get the position but they said I interviewed really well and that they liked me a lot, but they found someone with more qualifications. I was really glad to receive the feedback that I interview well, it'll give me a confidence boost into whichever job interview comes next and it helps me to feel less like the whole thing was a complete waste of time. I'm just so relieved anyone wants to interview me. But work has been good this past week, I picked up two extra shifts and somehow got 15 hours, when for the past two or so months I've been sitting on nothing but 5 hours a week. I had a really great shift yesterday, I was working in showroom/appliances for the first time and the department manager complimented my customer service skills. I feel like I really killed it yesterday. So yeah, it'll do for now...

Okay, I should probably go and start work on my personal refection for LIT, I've got my great grades to maintain after all
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