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I have huge, gigantic, monumental news to share...



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I begin on the 3rd of March, before then there's fun stuff like orientation week to look forward to. I really can't wait. This is going to change everything, change it for the better
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LOST: Charlie/Claire - Charlie-cakes

Spoilers::..The Beginning of the End
Characters::..Charlie, Claire and Aaron
Author’s Note::..Another fluffy story of Charlie and Claire living at the barracks, so this is what if Charlie hadn’t died at the end of season 3 and had made it to the barracks with Claire and Aaron. I really have no idea where this idea came from, I was watching the start of season 6 and for some reason the idea of Charlie making pancakes popped into my mind and this fic was written very shortly afterward.
Summary::..Charlie prepares his ‘world-famous’ pancakes for Claire one peaceful morning.

Contrary to what Claire thought, a kitchen wasn’t an entirely foreign setting for Charlie.Collapse )
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movie review: Carrie

Carrie -- 7/10

So far as remakes go this wasn't horrible or cringe-worthy, I didn't hate it. Nor did I love it. Carrie is my favourite book of all time (I've read it over-and-over) and I think the original movie is great, so I was really excited to see this and I wish I'd loved it, but I didn't...
I enjoyed that it remained mostly faithful to the book and didn't try to spin it into a new story, it's not a 'reimagining', it's just a slightly-more modern version. Such as, there is a theme of bullying via social media, which I liked, it's a very relevant issue. That helped to bring it into the modern-age, not that the original Carrie story isn't relatable to today's youth.
I think the acting was the best part, everyone was really believable and realistic. I liked the way they handled the Sue Snell character in this version, she wasn't a bossy-pants know-it-all. She was a realistic high school girl just trying to find herself and do right amongst all of the peer pressure, she didn't over-act it. I liked how Kris wasn't falsely sweet and this version of Billy made more sense, not that I don't enjoy John Travolta and his feathery hair in the original. The whole cast were great, it wasn't over the top. The only low point for me was (unfortunately) Chloe Mortez as Carrie, which sucks considering the whole movie revolves around her. It's an impressive feat for a 16-year-old girl to play such a complex character and I am a fan of her past work (she rocked in Dark Shadows) but I found her performance in this to be inconsistent. She wasn't bad, I just didn't buy her as Carrie. The whole movie is owned by Julianne Moore. That bitch is crazy! It's worth going to see the movie just to see her as Ms White. She's truly terrifying, she had my skin crawling. She brought a new depth to the character too, I felt, because there was new weight to the self-harm and her relationship with her daughter was a bit more loving and you can tell more that she does indeed care about Carrie.
The gore factor was freaking awesome. All of the sound effects were amazing and had my friends and I squirming in our seats, some of it was so realistic you could swear it was happening to you. It was gruesome and a lot of fun.
Another thing I enjoyed was how they showed Carrie developing her telekinesis beyond 'whoa, what is this?'. It was interesting and helped build empathy for the character to watch her go through this, testing it out, learning about it and losing her fear over it. It was interesting how she began to like it and tested herself. Chloe really shone in those scenes.
There was a tangible sense of dread for the whole movie, which is an essential ingredient for this story. It didn't get too distracted or hung-up on details and the pace didn't lag. It didn't betray the book or the original movie and it certainly out-shone the second remake, that godawful telemovie. Overall, pretty good.
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Gaga {swinefest}

Glee fic #35 - Quoe: Wings of His Love

Title::..Wings of His Love
Spoilers::..I Do
Characters::..Quinn Fabray and Joe Hart, with supporting roles from Santana Lopez and the rest of the Glee club
Author’s Note::..Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Quintana action that came with I Do, it was simply amazing and I will never forget it. But, I was rewatching the episode and I couldn’t help wondering what might have happened had Joe Hart not been sick and instead had been in attendance. So I cured Joe’s ‘Asian Bird Flu’ and gave him a spot at the wedding to play with Quinn.
The title is a reworking of a song title, Wings of My Love. This song is from baby Michael Jackson’s very first solo record, titled Got to Be There. It’s a very sweet song and it helps me to miss him less and feel a little more optimistic. It’s a gem from his Motown years and is definitely worth the listen. Maybe you could imagine Joe and Quinn singing it to each other.
Summary::..Quinn returns to Ohio for Mr Schuester’s wedding, but nothing turns out as expected.

As bizarre as it seemed the reception went ahead, despite there being no marriage to celebrate.Collapse )
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Gaga {vampgrillz}

Glee fic #34 - Faberry: This Club is a Haunted House

Title::..This Club is a Haunted House
Rating::..M for violence, sexual themes and coarse language
Author’s Note::..A Halloween-themed fic to celebrate my favourite holiday! I’m going to be working this Halloween so y’all had better celebrating twice as hard for me, okay? Or you could just read this fic. I’ve kept the canon of the show, except for the fact that Faberry are together and so Quinn lives in New York with Rachel, Kurt and Santana, easy enough to follow.
This fic was inspired by the song ‘This Club is a Haunted House’, from the debut album of my absolute favourite Drag Queen, the flawless Sharon Needles. It’s a killer song with an equally awesome music video that I wish I could live in with Sharon, perfect to get you in the Halloween spirit.
Summary::..Demons on the dance floor, it’s Halloween night in New York, Quinn and Rachel go out to celebrate but they soon discover the club they’re partying in is not all it seems to be.

'Is that a Monster in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?'Collapse )
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JO/GAGA - Dangerous and Kinda Trashy (oneshot)

Title::..Dangerous and Kinda Trashy
Rating::..M for a sex scene and coarse language
Characters::..Jo Calderone and Lady Gaga
Author’s Note::..I don’t know how y’all felt about it, but I absolutely loved Swinefest, it was thrill-a-minute and all of the new songs were just a complete overload of awesomeness, not to mention the overwhelming relief of getting to see Gaga do her thing again. I think she was a genius to play only new songs. The one that I love the most is Sex Dreams; I started listening to it on repeat and can’t get enough of it, I think it’s one of my favourite songs of Gaga’s already. The awesomely dirty song inspired this fic, I didn’t really stick to the story of the song, just embraced the theme of celebrating smut and being a bit naughty. I’ve done so many fluffy, romantic and sweet stories lately I was worried y’all would think I’d turned into a bit of a pussy and so I’m hopefully breaking that idea by offering you this smut. The fic is based pre-The Fame.
Summary::..After watching her perform on stage Lady Gaga starts popping up in Jo Calderone’s sex dreams.

Lady Gaga, the woman who had been occupying his dirty mind.Collapse )
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final boarding call

Today I finally got the final season of Lost on DVD. I really can't say what has taken me so long to buy it, once upon a time I would rush out and buy each season the very morning they were released, but season six has been completely forgotten, my collection incomplete, for some unknown reason. This will be only the second time I've watched the last season...I wonder how much I've forgotten since it first aired all those years ago. Wow, I'm so ashamed of myself for checking out of this fandom so much that I've neglected this season for such a long time.

thoughts on the end of an epically strange eraCollapse )
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LOST: Charlie/Claire - She's Your Destiny

Title::..She’s Your Destiny
Rating::..M for drug references
Genre::..Romance and supernatural
Characters::..Charlie and Claire
Author’s Note::..The title of this fic is taken from the extraordinary song ‘Lemon’ by U2; it’s one of my personal favourites from the band, so different from their other works, truly unique. In the same vein as that kinda trippy song this is a kinda trippy fic.
Summary::..Claire is seated in the tail section of the plane and dies in the crash, but this isn’t the end of her story with Charlie.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as she raised her eyes, looking across the room. Then time froze as her eyes landed upon him. Collapse )
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JO/GAGA - The Ugly Duckling and her Collection of Wigs (oneshot)

Title::..The Ugly Duckling and her Collection of Wigs
Rating::..M for drug use and coarse language
Genre::..Drama and romance
Characters::..Lady Gaga and Jo Calderone
Author’s Note::..The title was inspired by Lady Gaga’s explanation of the swan scene in the Applause music video; she said they used the makeup to create the image of her being an ugly duckling. The second half was inspired by a quote from her recent cover story with V Magazine, in which she claimed her life had become ‘The Silence of the Wigs’. The two ended up marrying well and are explored throughout the story.
This piece begins with Gaga as a young woman (even referencing her days as Stefani at high school), then progresses to The Fame-era before branching out into the ARTPOP-era. This is my first ever fic covering the brand new era and I was quite excited to write it.
The final scene is based during the filming of the lyric video for Applause, if you haven’t seen it yet it will help you get into the scene more. If you have already seen it? Go watch it again! It’s that good; I could watch it five million times and never get bored. It’s one of my favourite things Gaga has ever done. I can’t believe how long it took me to include Drag Queens into a fic about Gaga but here it finally is.
Summary::..A retrospective through Lady Gaga’s journey of learning to love herself.

Was she good enough, she still didn’t know.Collapse )
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Glee fic #33 - Marley & Unique: Angel of McKinley

Title::..Angel of McKinley
Rating::..PG for self-harm themes
Genre::..Angst and friendship
Characters::..Marley Rose, Unique Adams with mentions to the rest of the Glee club
Author’s Note::..At first I seriously didn’t like Marley, I thought she was boring and there was no way she could be the next Rachel Berry, not even in a million years. But then she sang Blow Me (One Last Kiss) with Unique and I was reminded of myself and my best friend. I see some of myself in Marley and she’s definitely grown on me. It seemed to be her bulimia was skimmed over after Thanksgiving so I’ve taken the liberty to explore it more through her relationship with Unique. I was wondering what my next Glee fic would be and Thanksgiving played that night on TV so I decided to go from immediately after that episode, kind of a missing scene fic.
Summary::..After collapsing Marley finds only one member of New Directions isn’t judging her.

Marley didn’t know how she had gotten back into the choir room when she had been on the stage only a few seconds ago. All she knew was that she had majorly screwed up.Collapse )
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