Lady NutMeag (meagan4dominic) wrote,
Lady NutMeag

HIATUS/ maybe goodbye?

This has been coming for a LONG time now.

I'm declaring a hiatus that might be indefinite and might not!

I thought I'd never turn into one of these LJ-abandoners and I always hated it when my friends left and couldn't understand why. But now it seems to have come to that. With university, my job and now actually having a damn social life, I haven't had much time for LJ and then when I do get time off I don't make the effort with LJ anymore. I just couldn't be bothered seeing is how I rarely get any comments, the majority of my friends have disappeared and pretty much all of my favourite communities are dead. It seems that what I needed LJ for has been filled by other stuff.

I've got my tumblr set up and y'all can find me at:
I'm just posting my original fiction over there, but I do like posts and whatnot, so if you look me up, I'd love to follow you back :)

So ya,
smell ya later.
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