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Meagan's List of Upcoming Excitement (aka how she spent all of her much-needed savings)

OMG y'all, so many amazing things coming up for me! At the moment I'm recovering from a cold that had me stuck in bed for three days, nothing too major, it slowed down my university work but I didn't miss any classes, now just trying to shake a persistent and annoying cough. Now that I'm getting better I'm able to fully appreciate all the awesome things awaiting me in these coming months!

June 16th: I finish my first semester of university! I'm hoping to go out on top and continue my streak of amazing grades with my final two assessments. So far I've gotten nothing but HD's (the highest grade possible) on all of my written assessments and I'd really love to get the same for my last two. I can't believe I made it through my first semester without any kind of breakdown or freakout. I've really enjoyed it but I am looking forward to the downtime to get some creative writing down (feeling some serious surreality lately, thanks to Milk) and my bestie and I are pondering going to Melbourne to visit some of our old friends. It's also exciting that this semester is wrapping up because I'm pretty sure that next semester I get to do an actual creative writing class, aka the reason I'm at university, woo!

August 26th: I am going to see QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT!
I am beside myself with excitement, this is a once in a lifetime kind of concert, Queen haven't toured Australia since the '80's. I love Queen so much, one of my all-time favourite bands and I have such a major crush on Adam Lambert, his music is infectious dirty-pop amazement and his voice is incredible and his talent is out of this world. Getting the chance to see both of these amazing acts in one show is mind-blowing. I got a seat in the fifth row so I'm gonna be able to see Adam Lambert so clearly. I can't comprehend the fact that I'm gonna be in the same room as the members of Queen, I'm gonna see Brian May's magnificent silver afro in real life, OMG!!!

August 30th: My second Lady Gaga concert with artRAVE, scored another great package which gives me early entry to the standing area. I cannot wait for all of my ARTPOP dreams to come true. I've been avoiding spoilers for the tour so far, I want to be shocked repeatedly through the whole night. I still don't have my costume yet, I have ideas but I'm going to wait until I get my tax return cheque and maybe shop in Melbourne with my artsy friends.

September 13th: Soda Party with the currently reigning queen of RuPaul's Drag Race Bianca Del Rio. My friends and I have a meet and greet package and I absolutely cannot wait to meet Bianca, she OWNED season six even before she won. She has my same dry sense of humour and all my friends agree that if I were a drag queen, I would be a Bianca doppelganger.

Lots and lots and lots to look forward to. This year has already been really amazing with all the opportunities I've had and I can't wait for the second half to be just as spectacular.
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