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Home - ConMama - Oneshot

Spoilers::..Through the Looking Glass
Rating::..PG for suicidal theme
Characters::..Claire and Sawyer
Author’s Note::..So I wrote this before I had found out Claire’s fate in the sixth season, it’s quite an angsty fic because at that time I knew nothing of her happy ending. She hasn’t got Aaron back in this and the only other survivor whose fate we know of is Sawyer. Got it straight? Okay, enjoy!
The lyrics in the summary are from Home from The Wiz soundtrack, also sung beautifully by April Rhodes, backed up by New Directions in an episode of Glee with the same title.
Summary::..When I think of home I think of a place where there’s love overflowing, Claire can’t adjust to life off of the island.

They told Claire she was home. But she didn’t believe it. She couldn’t feel comfortable enough to call it home. It was still too strange, too unfamiliar. She found herself feeling trapped within the four walls. She screamed at the sound of a doorbell and was constantly forgetting how to use the microwave. Cars were too loud in her ears. She had to readjust to this world. Although she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to. This wasn’t her home anymore.

But when she got down to the beach and sunk her toes into the sand she could breathe easier. She closed her eyes and listened to the waves crunching down on the shore. She could hear someone strumming a guitar peacefully. She didn’t open her eyes to check whether it was real or not. She imagined the dirty fingers moving along the chords, with the chipped black polish desperately clinging to his nails. A dog barked and she could see the Labrador bounding down the beach. A smile tugged at her cheeks.

Sawyer slipped his arms around her waist. His body felt the same. But the smell tickling her nose was not the same as before. He wasn’t home. She disconnected his arms and began toward the water, uncaring of where the sea took her after it got a hold of her. The cold water slapped her from each direction but this did not deter her. She didn’t know any other way to get home. Her head dipped under the water and her lungs began to fill. She could see the island now.

The End.
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